Doesn’t Shakti Menstruate?

In Indian context, Menstruation of a woman is a subject to be hushed and treated with lot of hypocrisy. Even one of the prominent brand name for Sanitary napkins is “Whisper”. As if this natural phenomenon of menstruation is a taboo, a disease and the woman becomes untouchable, suddenly every month. The very biological quality,(…)


‘The Era of Mom-preneur’ by Fatima Agarkar

Growing up in a family where ‘equality’ meant helping those less fortunate and not gender inequality, where ‘religion’ was defined as work ethics instead of Hindu and Muslim, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the kind of foundation to be able to realise my dreams. FAMILY SUPPORT Family support has been my backbone. While(…)


Entrepreneurship lessons from MIT by Aditi Chadha

Hi there! Last time I had shared with you about the exciting opportunity I had received to experience drinking directly from the firehose and to have been selected for the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Over 6,200 global ideators and entrepreneurs applied to this world renowned program and finally 120 were(…)


Does it really matter if the wife earns more?

Ok, I confess. I recently  read Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl. I decided to check out the book after hearing that the author had delved deep into the psyche of the Indian girl and claimed to represent the reality of the Indian women. In the book, the Indian girl’s first boyfriend rejects her because she(…)


Why Indian Startup Ecosystem Needs to Celebrate Failure?

Failures gives way to lessons and eventually success. But we as humans are not so accustomed to celebrating failure. In fact, we do the worse; we take failure as something depressing, which leads to wasting time and effort in overcoming it. Why is failure considered so awful? And who decides the standard of success? This is(…)


Running And Fitness: 10 Tips To Make A Start

When I was growing up in Delhi, I’d watch my father and brother don their running shoes and set off each evening for a run. They’d usually return in 45 minutes, but on some days they’d  show up after more than an hour. When asked where they went, they’d casually describe a 20 km route(…)


Bringing Women on a Career Break to the Table with Industry Mentors

On a rainy Saturday in Mumbai, women on a career-break (including one whose break hadn’t yet started – 8 months pregnant!) gathered in the in Bandra-Kurla Complex to meet leaders of industry who had come together to MentorForHer spearheaded by connecting portal for women on a career break – JobsForHer. The idea? Get the women(…)


Life Lessons from Being Depressed, Heartbroken, Rebellious & Ignorant at 16

Our teenage years are meant to be full of mistakes, experiences, learning, realisations, crisis and changes or as Taylor Swift lyrically puts it, “Magic, madness, heaven and sins.” Natasha Kothari Basically, it’s a roller coaster where you have no choice but to go right down, upside down in order to come right back up. That(…)


Why do married women who don’t want children make us uneasy?

“Childless.” They toss the word like an epithet at one. I should know. I had my son after eight years of being married, and for most of that time, I was quite content to not have a child. But then evil things happened with the hormones and I morphed into a ball of mush and(…)


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