Tips for building Emotional Intelligence

In the latter half of the 20th century pretty much the time I was growing up, all that mattered was your IQ. A high score in school-college-university was a mark of success, your life was set so-to-speak and that in turn meant that your parents had done a good job. The 21st century has seen(…)


Do we really need a separate program for women?

A few years ago, I wanted to create a leadership program for women. I discussed this with my friend Aparna and we both were excited about the idea but unsure of the response from the world. We were sure that we would be able to provide an enjoyable and meaningful experience for the women, we(…)


Yashodhara Lal: I am hungry for books, you have some to share?

Over the last three years, I find myself reading a LOT more non-fiction than fiction. On writing. On meditation. On time management. As a consequence of which, I’m late to the party in terms of reading the big, famous fiction titles – such as Gone Girl, which recently made its way to my home. Have(…)


Pune Mother Asked To Get Off Train Because Open “Breastfeeding Is Disturbing”

The incident of a woman being shamed publicly for breastfeeding her infant on a train has left us shell-shocked. 32-year-old Swapna Kulkarni Ajgaonkar and her husband, Amir, were onboard the Deccan Queen on Sunday when like any other mother of an infant, she started breastfeeding her hungry son. Seeing this “scandalous” scene, fellow co-passengers started a grotesque protest.(…)


Campaign to Remove Tax from Sanitary Napkins

As a young Indian woman I am acutely aware of the social stigma attached to menstruation in our country. Your periods must not be talked about, your sanitary napkins must be strategically hidden, and you should definitely not put your hand in the pickle jar. But for me, my period is a time when I(…)


Here’s How Indian Academic Institutions Reek Of Sexism

The recent case of IIT Delhi implementing a regressive rule on its female students of Himadri hostel — asking them “to wear covered decent western or Indian attire” — is not an isolated one. Indian academic institutions have been imposing such draconian measures for a while now. What IIT Delhi did shows how expecting equal(…)


Why is noise pollution and religion such a touchy subject?

The sound of the azaan has all of India debating why noise pollution and religion make for such a touchy subject. Across social media, questions are being raised on whether one religious community should be allowed to have loud prayers. Is that about tolerance or about noise pollution? What’s noisy – just the morning prayer or(…)


How can Yoga be Transformational for Working Women?

More than ever before, women today play many different roles in their lives. They are professionals, mothers, spouses, friends, caregivers of elderly relatives and volunteers in communities. Maintaining a balance between family and work is tough enough; to find time for yourself on top of that is nearly impossible. Spending all their time juggling your(…)


The Awesomeness of Lena Dunham

While watching the last ever episode of ‘Girls’ this weekend, I realised why Lena Dunham literally speaks my heart out. She is a class apart, and so different from most of the rich and the famous. She is the modern writer/director/actor who isn’t afraid to speak the truth and portray reality on TV. No, not(…)


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