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Bombaywaali is a celebration of women who built the city of Mumbai – intellectually, philosophically, financially, spiritually and literally. As part of our ongoing series, we are hosting a special BOMBAYWAALI SUMMIT.

Has Mumbai come to live up to its reputation as the maximum city? We celebrate the city’s stories and discuss its new challenges. What does a woman in Mumbai feel? Have women been embarrassed by the city’s discrimination on homes? It’s safe on one side but questions the freedom of single women?

Bombay’s women have been at the forefront of leadership. Whether it was the civil disobedience movement or restoring the cosmopolitan senses back when the city was under attack. In the 1930s the Rashtriya Stree Sangha under Sarojini Naidu supported female education and women’s emancipation. This spirit of the city to celebrate and empower its women makes this city what it is today.

Bombaywaali is the celebration of Mumbai past, present, and the future. Alive with new ideas, wit, inspirations, design and successes, we bring you engaging conversations with women who observe and storify this city.

Join us at 5 pm at The Cuckoo Club, Bandra on 18th February 2017. Don’t miss. Register below.


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