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More and more women are encouraged to join the workforce, praised for doing so, and expected to juggle multiple responsibilities with elan. But there’s not much give — women can often feel burdened by the pressures at work and at home. Exploitation, some would say! These days, both men and women work in the same(…)


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There are some who are born leaders, while some still have to hone their skills in order to reach that pinnacle. Being a leader does not always mean leading a team at work. In fact, a leader is someone who can apply her skills holistically in all fields of living, be it at home or(…)

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Women Safety

There is a continued treatment of women as secondary citizens in India. They are subject to abuse, inferior treatment and live in a constant state of preparedness for the next offence that may be committed against them — even within their own homes. The call for women empowerment needs more women to be aware of(…)

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Aparna Swarup It was Annie Leibovitz who once remarked that what you will see in my work is that I am not afraid to fall in love with the people I photograph. So when you are a people’s person and you are not afraid to fall in love with them, that’s when and why photography(…)

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Diversity in India Inc

I remember the fairy tales that I grew up listening to, in which the reward of every princess at the end was a prince charming and a “happily ever after” ending. However what I also realized was, that in every fairy tale the princess, be it Cinderella or Rapunzel, went though their difficult path before(…)


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There’s no point pretending you don’t have FOMO when you’re at JLF — there’s inevitably sessions and speakers you miss, whether because they’re cross-scheduled against other enticing options, or you’re up… for a session, or an interview or a mish-mash of the two. The crowds at JLF are legendary and while it can sometimes feel(…)

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At the onset, let me acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But maybe within a reason? So, Deepika Padukone went to The Ellen DeGeneres show and spoke about having babies with Vin Diesel. Her followers rejoiced on Twitter for making Indians proud on a global platform. Then Scroll writes an article, critiquing(…)


This year has started off on a somber note for the women and girls of India. Once again we are reminded that we cannot take anything for granted, not our safety, our human rights or our lives. There was the terrible mass molestation of women on New Year’s Eve in Bangalore on MG Road and(…)


Kiran Bedi

Women leaders across the world suggest that women’s education is the answer for all the issues involving gender-inequality. Kiran Bedi, however, begs to differ. She says imparting education to women without imbibing a sense of courage in them is futile. [( Picture Credit: Hindustantimes.com)] We realized that while education was helping us grow and see(…)


Kaifi Azmi

I still remember the day we were taught the lyrics of the famous song “Kar Chale Hum Fida” by Kaifi Azmi. The song was a part of my VIII class syllabus. Every morning, we were made to sing this before the commencement of the classes. Its been years now, this mellifluous patriotic  song still reverberates(…)


Mentorship for women

A very happy new year to everyone. Another year gone, another year with fulfilled dreams and promises and one more opportunity to make things better than they are with a crisp new year ahead of us.  But every new beginning isn’t about forced measures to suddenly leapfrog into being the person you want to be,(…)

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Women Intellectuals

Most often, you get judged for the way you are dressed even before you speak or make your presentation. This is something most people don’t think about enough. Or think about in a very safe, fearful way. Don’t show too much cleavage, keep your skirt below your knee, wear a jacket even if it’s a(…)


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Having grown up in a family where it was almost a given that a woman has to be independent and not rely on anybody else was a big fortune for me. As a kid, I would always come up with new fangled ideas and discuss the same with my parents. My discipline in life partially(…)

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Hindu College Campus

If you want earn recognition for channelizing your creative energy without leaping out of your bed, apply for the month-long blogging and digital marketing internship at Economy Decoded. Economy Decoded is a blog focusing on issues concerning the youth. What distinguishes ED from other blogs is the quality of bloggers who are ardent believers of(…)


Lost Indian Goddesses photo series

By Kavita Kané The devi or the devil? The winner or the vamp? The good or the bad. The answer, of course, will be as stereotyped as the question itself. It is far easy and presumptive  to bracket characters and people in mythology into stereotypes and to paint them either black or white than see them(…)


Selina Periampillai on shethepeople

The deeply entrenched system of patriarchy affects all walks of an Indian woman’s life. I was aware of the fact that a woman’s clothes are deeply scrutinised but her ill-fed status shocked me. According to a report by The Hindu, one in five women in Delhi and half of the women in Uttar Pradesh live(…)


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