Travis Kalanick

Dear Travis Kalanick, In the modern-day when women are traversing careers and leadership positions, if you think sexual harassment at workplace is acceptable then you are mistaken. It is no longer okay that you could be the boss of world’s most valuable startup ever, but your behaviour with female employees and the promotion of bro-culture(…)

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Pic Credit: Elite Agent

In the lost land, her womb, where my tiny dreams were learning to gloom. I knew I would see the world through their eyes and live in their hearts. I knew I would hold their fingers gripping my miles and aiding my falls, making me believe that home will definitely be more than four walls. But(…)


Motherhood on SheThePeople

As the American novelist John Updike once said, ‘It’s a man’s world, they say; but in its daily textures it is a world created by and for women.” In a world run mostly by men, women have it tough and women entrepreneurs have it tougher. While it is understood when men carry work home; the(…)

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Women entrepreneurs

I’ve worked and interacted with plenty of entrepreneurs – an aspect often discussed is the “birth of an idea”. Some are obsessed with creating “something”, some make solutions, while some have worked at companies and copied their business models, usually a similar offering at a lower cost. Typically, entrepreneurs will develop the product or service(…)

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India Female Labour Force Informal Sector. Image From

A recent event in Delhi involving the band ‘BhangiJumping’  has put the spotlight on dignity of labour. The band’s name led to widespread protests as the term ‘bhangi’ means unclean and was used for manual scavengers. Following the uproar, the Piano Man Jazz Club, where the band was to perform, issued an apology for hurting the(…)


Fierce Teenage Rape Survivor And Mother Of A Child From UP Refuses To Marry Her Rapist

Earlier this month, Manjula Devak, a 28-year-old civil engineer PhD research scholar at the prestigious India Institute of Technology (IIT) was found dead; it is believed she committed suicide. Last year in September she attempted to take her life but failed. No case was registered at the time by the police who claimed she was(…)


Father And Son Giggling. PIcture Credit: Image Thirst

Today 17th June 2017 will be the first time I’m eligible to claim my place in the calendar for the day that has been allocated as a recognition for fathers. As my son grows older I will expect to be wished every year, spend quality time with and wrap it up with an Amazon gift(…)


Women in Tech

In Class X, I sat in the last row of my Computer Science classroom, barely able to understand a word that my teacher spoke. At some point in the class, I was dazed, and made a quiet observation that would come back fifteen years later, to haunt me. This was a classroom of about twenty-five(…)


Women relationships India

Being a Life Coach and having interacted with so many people who struggle every day to find positivity in their Life and continue to ask questions on how to be positive every single day… I have identified specific behaviours that I refer as “ Positive Habits” which once becomes a part of your nature surely(…)


Modi Government And Startups

26th May, 2014 was a big day in the history of Indian politics. It will always be remembered as the day Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. Modi grasped the reigns of Indian politics at a time when start-ups such as Paytm, Delhivery and Nykaa were barely budding. Cut to 2017 and, the Modi-led BJP Government(…)


Students In salwar Kameez

94%, 96%, 99%, 99.2%… it’s raining marks. Anyone getting below 92%?  Go hide yourself somewhere. Don’t show your face, the least of all on Facebook. Being a mother of two ‘Suns’, I know, it is every parent’s wish that their child excels in Boards. His whole career depends on that bloody marks in 12th.  My(…)

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Priyanka Chopra Dress Berlin

So we are not surprised. How women dress is clearly the favourite subject of everyone – from khap panchayats to social media trolls (and sometimes it is really hard to see the difference). Actress Priyanka Chopra who met the Prime Minister in Berlin was accused of ‘disrespecting’ him by wearing a knee-length dress. The actor(…)


Women At Work ShethePeople

“Mom, we won the match!” shouted my 10 year old son as he got home from school. “Akshi was too cool. She took the last goal in the last 4 minutes to spare”. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him raving about his team mate who is a girl playing in his school soccer team.(…)


Costa Book Awards 2016 Shortlist

When I was working fulltime for an insurance company in 2011, I wrote every Friday night. The writing would continue for most part of the weekend interrupted briefly by usual weekend activities, a movie, maybe dinner outside, a visit to the local comedy club to catch a gig, small things like that. Then, I was(…)


Menstrual Hygiene Day

The lamentable silence around menstruation, menstrual health and sanitary practices has left an imprint even in the way Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) is treated in our country. With much reticence, a measure of airbrushing and a lot of resistance in terms of treating the matter in depth, resuscitating it from its fringe status in public(…)


vending machines for sanitary napkins

It is no taboo that menstruation is a taboo in our culture. We all have stories of channels switched, feet shuffled and awkward glances exchanged as whispers of the world used blue liquids and white bottoms to offer a solution to that time of the month. Or of wondering why our mothers used adult diapers.(…)

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