• Bengaluru Hotels To Allow Women, Kids To Use Toilets

    Imagine you are on your way to some place and you badly want to answer the nature’s call? While people in other cities may face a problem finding a hygienic toilet nearby, residents of Bengaluru can breathe easy. Hotels and restaurants in the city have decided to allow women and children avail of their washroom facilities without paying anything.

    The decision has been taken to solve the dual purpose of ensuring the effective implementation of the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan and the safety of women.

    Chandrashekar Hebbar, president of the BBMP hotels’ association, told Bangalore Mirror, “Since we’ve always had toilets available, and we respect women and value their dignity, we decided to follow Delhi’s model and allow anyone in need to use our facility. We are instructing all hotels in the city to do so from Wednesday (May 3) onwards.”

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    Dearth of accessible public toilets had made it challenging for women to relieve themselves. Moreover, it would also compel them to drink less water. The move, however, is the right step in the direction of providing civic amenities to the country’s citizens.

    BBMP Hotels’ Association has also requested people to use the washrooms in a clean manner just as they do it in their homes. Only this, according to them, can make the step successful.

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    It is good to see that the authorities are finally paying heed to women’s and children’s health and hygiene. In April this year, restaurants and hotels in South Delhi had also made their restrooms accessible for women and children for a nominal fee.

    According to a report, India has the highest number of people practising open defecation. Keeping in mind the bleak scenario, more and more states should take the onus of improving the state of public facilities and making it accessible for the general public.

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