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What happens when you work in the corporate environment but you are eager to follow your passion instead? Well, you follow your passion. This is exactly what Arunima Choudhury did. After working in the corporate world for more than 15 years, Arunima realised that she wanted to be more creative and expressive. Leaving a job is never easy, but it is a bold step required to follow your passion. Hailing from Bengal, Arunima wanted to bring the art and creative vibes of Bengal to Bangalore. She started Eastern Winds last year and has been participating in many markets since.

“I wish to have my own store some day,” she says of her ambitions.

She travels around West Bengal, especially the outskirts of cities, and to remote areas to collect art and also collaborate with artists. She says she relies on instinct and experience when collaborating with artists. Her experience with the artists in Bengal has been phenomenal and she tells us about how talented and passionate most artists over there are. Arunima has products such as sarees, home linen, notebooks and home decor. This may seem very ordinary, but all her products are novelty items. She has lampshades made of pumpkins, home linen with bright Bengali block prints, Goddess Durga’s statue made out of recycled metal and so much more. Check out her journey and her unique and quirky products!

Arunima Choudhury collaborates with Bengal’s artists to take their work to the world

What happens when you work in the corporate environment but you are eager to follow your passion instead? Well, you follow your passion. This is exactly what Arunima Choudhury did. After working in the corporate world for more than 15 years, Arunima realised that she wanted to be more creative and expressive. Leaving a job(…)


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An English literature graduate from Delhi University and a Journalism Diploma holder from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. I am a staunch feminist and like to put my views forward on issues related to women and minority community. Apart from this, a book lover, animal-friendly and a fun-to-be-with person.

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Budget2016: Women entrepreneurs want relaxed taxation

The startup wave is going strong in India and at the centre of it are women entrepreneurs driving businesses. The budget allocation due Monday, entrepreneurs are out with high expectations from easing of policies, access to capital and allocation of resources and more.  These demands are even more significant after the well received StartupIndia campaign(…)


Ishita Anand of BitGiving is crowdsourcing for campaigns & communities

“My first start up never went beyond the drawing board as I didn’t know where to start without money in the bank,” says Ishita Anand. She then started BitGiving, which is a platform where people can not only raise funds online, but also build an engaging community that echoes with their idea. Ishita saw the(…)


Indian women’s team clinches bronze in Rugby

Rugby is not a mainstream game in India. And so winning a bronze in this year’s Asian Development 7s held in Chennai makes it even more special for the Indian team. In the two day event happened on 20 and 21 of this month, Indian team played against South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan,(…)


Feminist Revolution: Four women on bicycles cause a stir in Gaza

When four women get on to bicycles, they can truly create a stir in a ravaged place like Gaza. Typically women are restricted from going out, meeting people, driving or even riding a bicycle! But here are four women who braved up to pick their bicycles under the scrutiny of three-wheeled tuk tuk which is(…)


Charlie’s Jayashree Narayanan says tough to break into art direction

She came from a non-film background and surprised everyone with her creativity with a 2015 Malayalam film – Charlie. Meet Jayashree Lakshmi Narayanan, Art Director of Charlie who especially attracted everyone’s attention to the quirkiness of the movie. She assisted on movies in Bollywood like Phata Poster Nikla Hero and Once Upon a Time in(…)


Iconic football player Oinem Bembem Devi calls for budget boost to sport

Iconic football player Oinem Bembem Devi says the government needs to pump in money into sport with a desperate call for funding more women. She cites that the major problem lies at the initial stages of learning a sport. To dominate a sport, it is extremely necessary to start practicing from the young age. She says that(…)


MapMyGenome and NextDrop innovative startups says Fast Company

American entrepreneur magazine Fast Company has picked two Indian companies as amongst most innovative in the world. Both led by women entrepreneurs, MapMyGenome and NextDrop are founded Anu Acharya and Anu Sridharan respectively. There are a total of 10 companies chosen by the business magazine among which, NextDrop is listed on the fifth position while MapMyGenome(…)


Indian women’s cricket team leads, wins ODI series against Sri Lanka

It’s one win after another for the Indian women’s cricket team. In a three-match ODI series, the Indian team was already leading in the series with 1-0 and, it won the second match also with six wickets against Sri Lanka, ultimately heading towards a clear series win yesterday. The match began with Sri Lanka winning(…)


Meryl Streep shatters all ideas of age with these five ideas

“The greatest living screen actress” is the introduction that Meryl Streep gets as is called on stage by British journalist Peter Cowie. Streep, being the head of the Berlin Film Festival, gives her insight on women in the industry and some advise… on being 66 and still ‘having a career’ and about gender diversity in(…)


Archana Pai: Indian female scientist in Gravitational Waves project

The scientific fraternity is bubbling with excitement as they verified Albert Einstein’s prediction from his theory of relativity after 100 years of its proposition. India too has contributed in the ground breaking experiment. No surprise there is a woman at the heart of the team, a Principal Investigator of the Laser Interferometric Gravitationalwave Observatory (LIGO).(…)


Site focussed on chartered accounts: Meet founder, Sonia Singal

A Chartered Accountant (CA) herself, Sonia Singal understood that there was a dire need to merge the demand and supply of CAs in the industry. While there was an abundance of both CAs and jobs, there was no organised platform to meet the two. Singal founded a platform to cater to specific jobs in this(…)


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