Madonna Tells it Like It Is: Slams Sexism, Ageism

Madonna‘s never been one to shy away from headlines — and she’s been making the news over the past few days for sure. One was a supremely fun appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke session, which has already clocked more than 9 million views in a handful of days. She is the consummate entertainer par excellence, and teases(…)


Girlyapaa’s Video Wants To Get You Talking About Marital Rape

Marital rape, a subject that is taboo in discussions even in the modern age. Shocking we don’t have a law on this. And politicians just love ignoring this, making the resolve to get in even higher. With the recent cases in the country dealing with rape, it sure is being talked about- but marital rape(…)


India’s Women’s Movement and Publishing

Urvashi Butalia — one of India’s first feminist publishers — has spent more than 40 years in the publishing industry! She co-founded Kali for Women with Ritu Menon back in 1984, though the two parted ways and set up Zubaan and Women Unlimited, respectively a few decades later. Butalia takes SheThePeople.TV through some of the major highlights(…)


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