• An East Indian from Trinidad, an entrepreneur & a debut novelist: Meet Aliyyah Eniath

    Aliyyah Eniath juggles multiple identities with élan. An East Indian from Trinidad, she is an entrepreneur, a director at Safari Publications and a debut novelist. On her first visit to India, the author of The Yard speaks to Amrita Tripathi for SheThePeople.TV about setting up a women’s magazine, a wedding magazine showcasing the beautiful Caribbean, and going for her dream, in writing fiction. She also shares rather an interesting memory, of being envious of Charles Dickens!

    With this novel, she says she explores the ideas of breaking free from imposed boundaries (familial or otherwise), understanding and feeling supported in who you are, overcoming self doubt, and finally being true to yourself.

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    Milee Ashwarya

    Milee Ashwarya

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