• Americans Bid Adieu To ‘First Lady’ Michelle On Jimmy Fallon Show

    Michelle Obama appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday the last time as the First Lady of America. And the show sure turned into a House on fire as musician Steve Wonders serenaded Michelle singing some of his hit songs and “My Michelle amour” just for her. Apart from this beautiful instance, when she was left in tears of happiness, Michelle was also surprised by the goodbye message from some among the youth of America who said such lovely and respectful things for the first lady.

    The young people thought that it would be a recorded message for Michelle and no one knew the fact that she was right there listening to it from the other side of the wall.

    A brown-skinned girl named Alisha said, “Good Evening first lady, because of you, I know that my race does not define who I am or what I can accomplish. For years, you showed our nation countless times that through dignity, compassion and respect, we can overcome any hardship. Thank you for inspiring all Americans, including myself, to continue to go high even when the challenges of life make us feel low, thank you so much.”

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    Just as the girl finished her little speech, Michelle appeared from behind the curtain and completely caught her off-guard as she welled up and thanked her personally.

    Another girl who works to provide women and under-represented students technology education also thanked Michelle. She expressed her gratitude towards her for making her a confident woman and also showed her desire to work for her. Michelle, in return, asked her if she would really work for her and thanked her back for her kind words.

    One boy named Henry called her an inspiring and an unforgettable teacher, then a girl praised her for outdoing Jimmy in a competition on his own shows earlier. A dad also appeared on the show and thanked her for the fact that his daughter looks up to Michelle and eats her veggies because of her. A female college mate of Michelle also appeared on the show and called her a role model who teaches the youth of America that “no matter their beginning, they can ascend to such heights”.

    This sure brings a tear or two to everyone who has known Michelle Obama because she has truly been an inspiration all these years and will continue to be one, First Lady or not!

    Picture credit-  Telegraph