• 8 Things To Do Before You’re 30

    The twenties are probably going to be the most carefree decade of life. It is the time to do new things and accomplish dreams. You’re not a kid anymore, so you enjoy a lot of freedom, but you still aren’t shouldering adult responsibilities and have time to explore. You have started to earn but there is still time to plan for the future, and your energies and zeal for life are at its peak.

    So here is a bucket list of things that you should before you turn 30:

    1) Learn something new: You have the time, energy, and probably enough money to fund yourself, learn something you’re passionate about, it can be a dance form, some art form, crafts or any other skill that might help you with your career.

    2) Start a workout routine: This is the best time to get in shape and lose the extra kilo, it will also make you healthier, and burn out the stress that this hectic life will unleash on you.

    3) Start saving: It may sound contradictory, but think about small savings, start the habit of saving money. It can be a small sum, but make sure you keep it aside every month. This way you will learn to budget and probably will have a good amount at the end of the year.

    4) Build relationships: You will be busy building your career for the most part of your life, the 20s is the best time to invest in relationships. Meet new people, make more friends, help others and build lasting friendships.

    5) Try a new sport: Learning a new sport, it’s going to teach you grace, patience, leadership qualities. It is also a great way to exercise and meet new people.

    6) Learn to do things alone: Don’t always look for a company for doing things, learn to be alone and enjoy me time. Once in a while, being alone and doing something that you enjoy is needed, it gives you time to introspect. Travel alone, more and more people are choosing to do so.

    7) Take risks and seek adventures: Now is the best time to take risks, you’re young and still have time to make mistakes, do something that you really passionate about and if the fear of the unknown is holding you back, let that fear go. You never know, something good might be just around the corner.

    8) Live alone in a new city: When you move away from your parents’ shadow, that’s when you learn how to be an adult, move to a new city, maybe for a job. Living on your own teaches you some important life lessons.

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